about us


GFi is an Italian Company, based in London, that benefits from the experience of being part of a group of food importers with more than thirty years history of distribution.

Our Gluten-free products distribution was founded in 2016 by Renzo O. 
While being on skiing holiday in 2012 with some American friends, two of which Celiac, Renzo understood the scarcity of options and availability of good and tasty Gluten-free food. He then took an interest in this specific field and started scouting Italy in search of new quality Gluten-free products and suppliers.

This way GFi was created and started distributing such products in UK. 
We combined together the renowned quality of Italian products and recipes with the need to fulfill the growing demand of a market initially lacking in quality and variety of Gluten-free products.


That is why our products, from the pasta to the desserts, have high quality recipes and even higher customer’s approval and satisfaction.  

We believe that food is an essential part of life and should be treated with care. 

We make sure that all our products meet numerous international standards and are certified by the relevant government organisations.

All our products are also available for the wholesale and retail market. 

If you are interested in any samples or wish to discuss any of our products please get in touch with us at contact@glutenfreeitalia.co.uk